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The Chloe Brush 2" Paddle Brush is an essential tool for any furniture painter. Its 2 inch paddle ensures precise blending, dry brushing, and detailing of edges while supplying full coverage. Get beautiful, professional results every time.

Daydream Apothecary ARTIST brushes have been curated to represent trailblazing women in our industry who inspire the artist in us all. We hope is every time you pick up a Daydream brush you feel empowered to take risks. Believe in yourself, find your artistic voice, paint freely with creative abandon and “Make It Happen.”

Each Daydream Apothecary ARTIST brush is handmade with the most techno-advanced synthetic material made to mimic boar hair bristles. Our commitment is to ethical, cruelty-free practices. NO BOARS were harmed in the making of our brushes.

Simply clean with soap and water to keep in tip-top shape!

2 3/4″ width / 2.3 oz weight

The Chloe

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